SPGA-01 Marduk Picture

This is the SPGA-01 Marduk, or the PGA-04 Behemoth. This unit was one of eight units stolen from Zenith while being shipped to new pilots in other Zenith bases. The pilots were taken along with units armor and some weapons. How the Symbiotians got the intel remains unsolved and how they knew so much about these units remain a mystery. Only a few energite reactors and several spare energite batteries were taken with the Symbiotian raid party. The GA's accompanying their armors were brainwashed and had new memories implanted into them. The fabrication allows the Symbiotian scientists to enhance the synchronization rate of the GA's and their new pilots. This unit was named Behemoth after the beast of the land in Zygotian Mythology, but was rechristened Marduk after capture and assimilation. It lacks Energite reactors, but in place it has archaic fusion reactors and flies on extremely efficient fuel fed thrusters allowing greater acceleration than energite thrusters but making it substantially heavier than Zygotian GAs

Type: Stolen prototype full frontal assault use GA
Height: 20.3ft
Weight: 5-9 tonnes
Powerplant: 4xFE119 Turbojet thrusters, 4xFE101 ramjet thrusters
Performance: Mach 3 at sealevel, Mach 5 at 20,000ft
Weapons: LW Experimental solid state long plasma katar/shield, LWG98 Kriss carbine, LWG34 Smallarm, Experimental plasma knives
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