Sketchdump: Elias, Kitsunes and more Picture

I have neglected my scanner for a couple of months, and now the pile of sketches is pretty high D: So I will compile a few sketchdumps such as these! These sketches are made between April and August this year, so they are all relatively new. In this dump: the first concepts of the ermine fox/kitsune, whom I have named 'Arashi', thanks for suggesting! Some evil kitsunes, raccoon dogs, Esben the beech marten, Tuyen the yellow-throated marten, Elias the sheep-rabbit and William the fox-squirrel, along with some chibis of them and the two other important characters I have for their little world: Maloki the mutt (really, I have no idea what species they are haha) who also does not identify as either a boy or girl; and Lyuba the black&tan rabbit (anyone remember that really old rabbit character I used to have? I decided to bring her back, in a slightly different context! Elias has a giant crush on her but he is too shy to actually go and talk to her. I think she knows, though). And finally two mythical creatures: a piebald foo dog character I have not developed very far yet, and a ghostly hound-deer who carries a lantern on their antlers. I think it's some kind of benevolent spirit who guides lost people back to their homes/villages or whatever. Placed in a medieval context. Very pale creature, with blind eyes and smoke or mist coming off of their legs, neck and tail. I will make a coloured sketch some day to illustrate it better
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