Influence map Picture

that quickly got out of control and became an important-things-that-shaped-me-as-a-person map, more than art influences
my biggest influence are probably other artists anyway

1. classic animation
2. my city (so majestic. but yeah I consider it a part of my personality as well as a huge inspiration; it's got quite a lot of charm to me, although ppl in Poland use to say it's one of the ugliest cities there.
3. 19th century fashion
4. Scandinavia
5 & 6 - musicians, here's Jónsi & The Beatles
7. Paul Kidby
8. certain animus. Here's TTGL and don't even get me started on this series or i'll.. damn I'm already crying
9. whoops there is no 9. my bad
10. Witkacy's artwork
11. Witkacy himself. Just look at this fancy motherfucker:…
12. movies. and movie soundtracks
13. Polish folklore, traditional beliefs, folk tales
14. Literature. mostly classics and fantasy stuff
15. Dutch and Flemish painters (Frans Hals in this case)
16. nature; mountains and the woods in particular
17. 20s; but most random historical photos are inspiring to me
18. Mythical creatures, slavic, nordic and celtic mythology
19. creepypasta, mysterious and abandoned places, ghost stories etc

Things I learned about myself while making this map; I'm a person who dwells in the past way too much, but also likes cool big robots and badass space adventures
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