Disneyland 15 Picture

This time, with Disneyland 15, I based my map on the one from Hong Kong Disneyland, which is good because it is compact and is ready for my favored 3 Lands + Main Street layout. I only converted the areas where Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch are into something appropriate for an expanded Adventureland. Hope you like it! I'd like to thanks idealbuildout.blogspot.com for the inspiration maps and great reference for imagineering.

For an "at night" version of the map, please click HERE.

While the map is inspired by Hong Kong park layout, I want Main Street to be as close as possible to the one from Disneyland Paris, which I think is just prettier and has more details and things to do (specially the two covered arcades). Also, the Disneyland Hotel stands at the park entrance, giving a better backdrop to the entire street. What I kept from Hong Kong's Main Street is the Disneyland Story exposition hall and the Animation Academy, both on the right side of Town Square.

All the three lands of the park are expanded, and for Adventureland, I converted the original River View Café/Jungle River Cruise area into an Arabian bazaar inspired by the Arabian sections of Paris and Orlando's Adventurelands and also Arabic Coast from Tokyo Disney Sea. The Jungle Cruise entrance is now near the rafts to the island, facing Festival of the Lion King.

The Grizzly Gulch became a continuation of the previous jungle area, but now based on Asian jungles and jungle temples. That's where I placed Kali River Rapids and a roller-coaster based on Indiana Jones with the same structure of Grizzly Gulch Mine Cars, passing through caverns, temple ruins and jungle landscaping.

The Mystic Point area is kept as the original, since it perfectly blends into the jungle theme of the land. And finally the Toy Story Land gives place a pirate area, with a hybrid of Pirates of Caribbean and Splash Mountain, which I call "The Treasure Mountain", a swinging boat version of the Black Pearl and an interactive shooting arcade.

Since there is room for it (I guess) I replaced the original small castle with the one from Paris, with the Dragon's Lair by its side. The two side pavilions near the castle are kept as the original, but I replaced the Pooh's dark ride with Snow White's one. Also, on the side walkway of the land I created a Little Mermaid section, with a dark ride placed inside King Triton's castle with undersea landscaping all around (perfect transition to Dicoveryland's 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, which is right next to it).

Instead of the generally themed Royal Banquet Hall, I placed a circus themed restaurant which, together with Dumbo, the newly placed Casey Jr. and the circus re-themed train station, creates a circus area on the left side of the carousel. On the right side of the carousel, comes a Wonderland section, with Alice's Labyrinth instead of Fantasia Gardens and Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall instead of Clopin's Festival of Foods. The Tea Cups are inspired by the attraction from Paris' Fantasyland, with its whimsical blue canopy.

Where the Storybook Theater originally stands, I placed a Beauty and the Beast section similar to the one from Orlando, but instead of a restaurant, the main attraction of this area is a Beauty and the Beast live musical show. After this section, comes an alpine village, with themed restaurant, Pinocchio's enhanced dark ride and an expanded Matterhorn. Continuing the more rustic side of Fantasyland, comes an enchanted forest, with the Wind Mill ferris wheel from Paris, a cantina inside of a grotto, the Storybook Land Canal Boats (simply renamed as Enchanted Forest Canal Boats) and the Enchanted Forest Amphitheatre, for live entertainment.

The last section of Fantasyland is a Neverland area, which is the perfect transition from/to the pirates area of Adventureland. This section features the Pixie Hollow, which blends with the previous enchanted forest, and the Peter Pan dark ride, this time with Neverland landscaping as its facade, with Captain Hook's galley in front of it.

As always, the Tomorrowland/Discoveryland side of any Disney castle park is a little hard to create, since there are lots of inspirational material, but also it's hard to re-imagine the future constantly. That's why I usually choose Discoveryland instead of Tomorrowland, because it is more timeless and goes better with the other themes of the park. The overall theme of Discoveryland is "journeys through time and space, through the eyes of the visionaries from the past". Beside of that, this land sees the Earth as an outer space planet, since there are explorations through its oceans, its center, its Moon and the Solar System around it.

With that in mind, the first section of Discoveryland from the Hub is an interplanetary version of an World's Fair held in Cosmopolis, the capital of the Solar System here on Earth. This "Cosmic Fair" has its own dining/entertainment venue (Discoveryland Terrace), a club for astronomers (sci-fi version of Adventurer's/Explorer's Club), the Visionarium (Time Keeper), the Orbitron, which represents all the planets of our system and an exposition hall - a retro-futuristic/sci-fi version of Innoventions (called Cosmic Fair).

Beyond the railroad the Cosmic Fair theme continues with Voyage into Imagination, a sci-fi/retro-futuristic version of the original Journey into Imagination from EPCOT featuring Dreamfinder; Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon, which is based on Jules Verne's book of the same name; the Zephyr from California Adventure and the Zodiac Dome, which takes guests into a trip around the famous zodiac constellations, telling theirs stories based on Ancient Greek astronomy and mythology.

The "exploring Earth as an outer space planet" concept becomes more evident with the following attractions: 20.000 Leagues under the Sea, which is a submarine ride; Journey to the center of the Earth, inside of a big volcano, and Around the World in 80 Days. This attraction is something special, since there is no It's a Small World in this park, Around the World could be a more mature and sci-fi version of the classic Disney ride. Of course the soundtrack as well as the audioanimatronics and the scenes would be a little more dramatic, but the sense of a world trip ending with a message of World Peace would be the same. Near this attraction, there is also the Aquatopia and the StormRider, both from Tokyo Disney Sea, as well as the iconic Café Hypérion, from Disneyland Paris.

This is my new map. Any critics, suggestions or questions, please leave a comment! I always try to answer to everybody.

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