More MONSTROSITY To See (PG-13) Picture

More concept sketches for MONSTER MOTHER™ (rated PG-13) before I can start this mature series (again, as like those from Adult Swim).

· The back story yet idea of one on Tiff and Laelaps. Remember that Zeus turned them into stone and places the constellations of them? I did told you guys the funny yet clever idea on it! Like while those two were stones, they were actually STONED as like high or drugged. That’s why they spent their lives as tripping out in outer space. After Echidna frees them from their stone prison, they recovered from being drugged for centuries.

· Theodore got ticked or pissed after discovering that his Cadillac is being half eaten. This is evidence that Orthrus is nothing but a pet peeve.

· Orthrus (or Otto and Ortensia) got some mind on politics. However, as you ladies and gents know that politics is just a thing we can’t handle or ever understand. Ortensia is interested in being a Democrat while Otto is into becoming a Republican. However, the problem with that they’re all in one body. So they can’t become either. This idea came to me when I looked back onto my Republican background which made me think up this joke when it comes to being part of one of those parties.

· I finally came up a perfect back story that starts it all. Echidna really is real in this series. She just manages to find a permanent spell that will free her from the Olympians, especially Zeus. She founds out that folks today don’t believe in mythologies, which somehow kills off the Greek gods from existence. This is pretty opportune for her. Now she may look like a villain, but she is actually not. She is more of a prolific, enthusiastic, and also a very proud demigod who now enjoys living her life as a mortal. But she still has the ability on creating monsters and even do more with magic!

Stay tuned for more MONSTER MOTHER, homies!

Myth of the Mirth ®
Myth of the Mirth ™
Monster Mother®
Monster Mother™

Athena Kidna (real name: Echidna), Orthrus (Otto and Ortensia), Theodore, Teumessian Fox (Tiff), and Laelaps © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Greek mythology has always been used outside of Greece for generations yet Greek has had the pride of it since God knows. Like all elements from mythologies and legends, they are and always will be in PUBLIC DOMAIN. However, creating your own version and style will create a copyrighted element to you.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


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