Hydra Picture

Hydra would be a huge snake-like monster in Greek mythology. According to legend should Hydra just get two new heads every time you cut a head of it.
Hydra was probably one of the most famous of Hercules' 12 works.
The story here was that the hydra lurking in Lernas swamps and that it should be a kind of huge water hose with nine heads. When Hercules came up with it, began a hard struggle, for every time Hercules vied one of the serpent heads, grew just two new forward from the same place. Heracles won but still struggle through the burn wound, with a torch when he had cut off one head, and thus prevented him there grew up new instead.

FW hydra can lose heads so long it isen´t the middle head. but there will only came new heads with the ages.
the FW hydre isen´t a dragon or a snake. more a lizard or a very big komodo dragon[link] it have the same ability as a komodo dragon(read about the komodo dragon, before you ask), but this one has just few more heads. only the middle head has a brain there work

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