hali Picture

Just an original of mine that I doodled a picture of the other day.

Her name is Hali (about 16-18 years old), and she's an orphan who works at a bakery owned by an old witch who is a family friend. Hali's family is cursed by Davy Jones and they've been evading him for about 100 years. (this takes place in an "earth-like" world that's heavily mythological/fantasy-oriented, so Davy Jones is different than the sailor's tales and the one of PotC fame, but he's also kind of the same o0o. He lives off people's souls, which he gets as payment after granting their wishes, either immediately or way in the future depending on the wish). He tries to steal her soul, but she manages to escape and somehow or another ends up on the ship of the pirate, Captain Tab, and crazy (mis)adventures ensue. DDD:

Yaaaah. That's just a basic, sketchy version of the overall plot idea. It will probably change. A lot. I just wanted to make a fantasy story so that I could draw random crud, and then we played PotC music in band and I wanted to make it about pirates as well. xDDD

Her hair is in one braid. My sister says it looks like pigtail braids, but it's only one. She has very wiry, short hair, so it doesn't really stay down...heh. I'm just happy I have a blonde-haired girl for once. xDDD

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