Darkness and Light -lineart- Picture

Full title:
"Darkness and Light are bound to Fight [lineart]"

This is something I drew for artclass - it's a special subject/task/project where we are supposed to get inspired by some of our favourite artists - and it must be clear in the image.

Hopefully, when the coloring is finished on this one - it will be clear to you who I was inspired by - if you know him that is .

This is just the rough line-art, but it will be re-linearted in red soon enough. I did this out of all my sketches too see how I am going to place the images [compositions?]. I think I got what I wanted from my first sketches, actually
Each picture/drawing will be in one frame each.
It will be watercolored - with red lineart.

It will symbolize mythology - and in this one: darkness and lightness. It's actually an illustrating scene for the myth in my coming reflective story [will hopefully be published someday if I just get the arse off my chair to write the last couple of chapters.].

To the left: Mooniez - the dark god
to the right: Zol - the light god
yes, it is 100% corny, but the concept of it all is deeper than it sounds like.
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