Season I - Fire Picture

I've been looking at what
Season I - Fire: If the colours weren't the first clue, it's Autumn. Autumn is pretty dry where I am and is a time of much fire danger, so it seemed like a natural choice.

I also found the coolest place for croquis, so my drawings have some vague sense of proportion:
Figures.htm.">[link] Quite frankly, these make the drawings both harder and easier. Easier, because I have a sense of proportion to constrain myself to, and harder for precisely the same reasons. I never realized how very off the length of arms was in my head.

Anyway, critique is encouraged and all that. And yes, I know that there are some blurred lines. I have now learned a very important lesson about when to ink the black! *grin*

Oh, and yes, someday, I will be making anything that I draw. What's the fun if I don't?
Pencil and Ink on regular paper.
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