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Lazy texture background is lazy.

I've noticed that a lot of you cool kids on DA have a dragon or dragon-thing that you identify yourself with. So I figured I need a cool dragon-thing to identify with as well.

This is Thuban. He's a creepily old character of mine that dates back to ~7th grade, back before I abandoned ship on my shitty "Draconica" storyline-- the one that makes up half of my ponderous username.

But I figured I'd salvage Thuban, since he's a pretty cool guy. He's named after the brightest star in the constellation of Draco (which was also the north star from about 3942 BCE to about 1793 BCE--The more you know!), which in turn was named after the Arabian word for Snake/Dragon of some sort.

He's about 7ft (about 2m) at the shoulder and has blue/black scales. He's supposed to be an earth/water type of dragon, so he doesn't need wings. He can burrow by using his wedge-shaped head to plow through the dirt. This is also why the scaling on his head is so prominent compared to the rest of his body, which is covered in fine, fish-like scales. The quills on his head and tail can detach from his body painlessly, and will grow back. The ones on his tail can be launched via a combination of whipping his tail and detaching the quills using muscles similar to the erector pilli muscles (which are the ones that give you goosebumps). Thuban is a couple millennia old, and he's stopped caring or keeping track.

In a quasi-mythological sense, Thuban is associated with night, autumn, winter, and cold. This is partially why I picked him: I live in the upper midwest and it's always so damn cold in the autumn and winter. As I am typing there is a goddamn wind storm blowing in a cold front that will make tomorrow's high be a balmy 40 degrees (Farenheit, of course). But as much as I bitch about it (and I realize that you Canadians probably have it worse), I couldn't stand living in a place where it's nice and warm all year round. I'd miss out on all the awesome fall colors and dancing around in T-shirts and shorts once the temperature goes above freezing for the first time in the spring.

FFFFFF textwall.

tl;dr: I have one of them dragon things, and I'm not sure how long it will stick.
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