Giantkin Picture

I'm not going to get into the whole "pop culture versus mythology" thing here, because even I am sick of that rant. The various breeds of giant presented in Magni are actually somewhat important to the setting. All major races are considered to be elfkin (descended from elves) or giantkin (descended from giants). With the exception of Orcs (and humans/half elves, but its sort of a secret in world) all of the civilized races are elfkin; a longstanding hostility between elves and giants has created a lot of territories controlled by giants that 'civilized' people have never seen.

Just like elves, giants have split and mutated many sub species over history, but there are four breeds that are most numerous and important.

Jotun (also called Purebloods, especially by themselves) represent the bulk of the giant race: they usually run about 7-10 feet tall at maturity and have a muscular and solid look to them. Jotun are actually much more intelligent than the other races like to think, but lack the pack mentality and empathy of the civilized races, placing much more emphasis on personal needs and accomplishments - making them highly competitive but not a very high functioning society. Jotun have cities and territories, but do not delve much into sorcery and other advanced sciences: preferring a primalist worship.

Ogres are supposedly a cast off breed of giants that were horribly disfigured after upsetting the Primals, or betraying them, or not sacrificing enough cattle, the stories are pretty inconstant. Hunched and mutated with powerful bodies, the ogres are known more for brute strength than problem solving ability or social skills. Not that they don't have any, its just easier for them to beat a problem into a red smear with a tree trunk than engage in intellectual discourse.

Trolls are a giant breed very strongly touched by the Primals. Prone to mutations as well, most Trolls also possess some measure or magical aptitude. More reclusive and solitary than even other giants, they can be timid or murderous depending on the individual, but usually shy away from crowded areas and sunlight. Trolls commonly have exaggerated features (especially the nose) and cow tails.

Huldra are a rare breed of giant kin that allegedly are related to trolls, but bear little resemblance to them aside from the carried over trait of a cow tail. Most Huldra appear to be comely humans (or perhaps humans look like less consistently attractive Huldra), and possess many of the same qualities as trolls - with perhaps a stronger inclination towards various forms of magic.
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