No Sympathies: Mastema Picture

"I send a pestilence and plague

Into your house, into your bed

Into your streams, into your streets

Into your drink, into your bread

Upon your cattle, on your sheep

Upon your oxen in your field

Into your dreams, into your sleep

Until you break, until you yield."

~ "The Plagues" from The Prince of Egypt

~ ~ ~

Yeah, that's right, The Prince of Egypt.  I went there.

Mastema is one of an ever growing list of demons who may or may not be THE Devil, depending on which mythology you look at.  He was an angel who saw all the demons lying around and said to God, "Hey, can I have some of those guys so I can fuck with mankind?"  And God was all like, "Yeah, cool dude.  Party hard bro!"  But later God looked at the fucked up shit Mastema did and was like, "Bro, you partied way to hard.  Into the pit you go!"

It is often specifically said that Mastema is the demon who ruined Job's life in the Book of Job, and boy howdy, if you ever want to question your beliefs, read the Book of Job because holy shit dudes!  All of that is God approved, by the way.  The Bible can be more than a little fucked up.

Like many ambitious up and comers, the No Sympathies Mastema sided with Belphegor in hopes of usurping his place as a Prince of Hell.  His efforts have been thwarted not by Belphegor himself but by the numerous other high ranking demons who also want the position, Belial being chief amongst them.  Mastema is devious, intelligent, and ruthlessly destructive, but after eons of not reaching his goal he's sort of fallen into a rut.  After a while he got bored of trying to usurp power, and now merely does his job. Working as one of Belphegor's chief devils isn't all that different from actually running the second circle itself, since Belphegor has no interest in the affairs of others so long as they don't directly affect him.

Also, holy shit, we're in the home stretch!  This is one of the 17 FINAL demons in the No Sympathies concept art series!  Aren't you feeling estatic?  No more demons on your dash!  Well, not the gaggles of demons anyway.  There might be the occasional... anyway, it's almost over.
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