BRR | Julian Rayne Picture

Name || Julian Rayne
Age || 27
Birthdate || October 12 (Virgo)
Gender || Male
Hometown || Veilstone City, Sinnoh
Occupation || ‘traveler’ if we’re being polite u v u ‘pathetic mess’ if we’re being realistic
Type of Trainer || New
Favorite Type || Poison
Least Favorite Type || Fighting

| Personality |

Julian is a complete and utter pushover. He hates conflicts and arguments, and would much rather quietly go along with whatever other people want, if it means he won’t draw attention to himself. He keeps to himself and tries not to get in the way of others, but beneath that is a very passionate, caring individual. If somebody is having trouble or clearly upset, he finds it very hard not to interfere. Once he gets comfortable around someone his genuine, much more outgoing personality comes out, but until such time he seems to be stuck in a perpetual state of semi-depression and nervousness. The drinking probably contributes.

| History |

Julian lived out an ordinary childhood in Veilstone, then went to Unova to study medicine. Everything was going well—he did well in his classes, got a degree, finished his residency, and became a successful surgeon. This success earned him the honour of performing a very delicate, risky procedure on a young patient. Unable to sleep the night before from nerves, he tried to calm himself down with a small drink, and ended up coming in drunk the next day. Intoxication and surgery are not a good combination, and the results were very predictable. After insisting that he was fine and practically forcing the nurses to let him operate, Julian proceeded to horribly botch the surgery.
Afterward, mortified and ashamed by what he’d done, and terrified of his license getting revoked and the impending lawsuit, he decided he was just going to skip town and not deal with any of that. He left Unova and moved to the last place he expected anyone to look for him. Making up a new name on the spot, he left for the Borealis region, and promptly discovered that getting away from your problems wasn’t quite that easy.
Still racked with guilt and the fear that someone would recognize him, he turned to drinking to try to tune it all out. All he really got out of it was a nasty drinking habit. Realizing that all he was doing was sitting around and drinking himself to death, Julian decided to give being a trainer a try, in the hopes that traveling with a pokemon would be distraction enough to break his habit…and that the constant moving around would make him harder to find.

Inventory || [None]

| Extra |
> Julian Rayne isn’t his real name; he keeps that one very well hidden
> He doesn't ever tie his shoelaces. They always magically untie anyways
> He still wants to be a doctor, but knows that given the circumstances that's impossible, unless he takes the shady route and practices in some dark alley
> Before the surgery incident, Julian was way more cheerful, ambitous and confident. Although that's still somewhere deep inside, nowadays he's a pathetic mess
> He constantly wants to be alone, feeling that he 'deserves it,' but being alone just makes him feel worse than ever--having pokemon around for company does wonders for lifting his spirits
> He's always loved fantasy and mythology and the like, which is odd considering his passion for medical science...although as of late he's more or less abandoned both
> He very rarely gets drunk enough to not know what's going on or pass out, but he's almost constantly just drunk enough to be in a haze
> And when he isn't, he most likely has a headache
> That being said, he has an impressively high alcohol tolerance
> He's actually very ashamed of his alcoholism, and takes great pains to hide it from most people
> He likes fairy types almost as much as poison types
> Although his degree is in human medicine, he does know a fair amount about pokemon too...which doesn't neccesarily mean he knows how to raise them
> All these kids are making him feel really old
> Height: 6'3" Weight: 124 lb

| Pokemon |

“So your favorite type is Poison? How noxious! You have some trouble facing your problems head-on, and your judgement can be called into question as a result. However, your lack of confidence is your biggest obstacle, and those that can get close to you find much more than meets the eye. With the guidance of the stars, I believe
Venonat is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!”</i>

Nickname || Morpheus (Murphy)
Gender || Male
Species || Venonat
OT || Prof. Larix
Ability || Tinted Lens
Moves || Disable | Supersonic | Confusion | Poison Powder
An impatient little venonat who can't wait to take the whole world on, regardless of his trainer's unwillingness to come along. From the moment Murphy met his 'celestially ordained partner,' he knew that it'd be up to him to drag his dead weight of a trainer around, and he fully accepts the challenge. Murphy doesn't doubt for a moment that he'll be able to break his trainer in, all Julian needs is to be encouraged and possibly dragged into some character building situations. It'll be no time at all before they're breezing through gym leaders and crushing the competition. Julian doesn't share his pokemon's enthusiasm.

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