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Centuries have passed and a seal cast a very long time ago is slowly being broken. The greatest evil will soon resurrect but no one knows of the upcoming calamity, for it is believed to be simply a thing of legend. The only people who know of this are those who come from the village of Yousogakure... the problem is, this village is also believed to be mythical; nothing more than a silly bedtime story. But what if people just arrive in your village claiming to have come from such place, seeking your support for an upcoming war? What if they claim to be 'Prodigies'- people who are able to control a specific element? And, would you finally believe them if they claim to know four of your talented ninjas and declare that they are actually one of them?


That was a summary from my fanfic. No, the fanfic doesn't solely focus on the OC's since four of the canon characters are Prodigies.

Finally! I drew Suzuka in full body! Success!

Anyway, this is my Naruto OC, Tsuki Suzuka. I'm going to put some info on her, but it would be a bit hard to understand since she was created solely for my fanfic. (Which is a bit AU)


Basic Info: Suzuka is a chuunin-ranked kunoichi. Though she grew up and became a ninja of Yukigakure (From Land of Snow), she is still loyal to the village of where she originated; Yousogakure. Like her fellow Prodigies, she underwent training to develop her powers as a Prodigy. At the age of 7, similar to the other Prodigies, she was sent to some other village to develop her skills in a place where they are open to danger and not isolated from the world (since Yousogakure has a seal that renders the village unseen).

In Yukigakure, she serves as a personal protector of a young heiress from an important clan.

Personality: Coming from the Ice Clan of Yousogakure, she not only inherited the general appearance of her clan (pale hair, pale skin and light-coloured eyes), but also the facial expression: often emotionless. Suzuka, like her family, often have an emotionless face on, but, contrary to common belief, they don't treat others coldly. Also, their expressions aren't permanently like that since they do show emotion; I'm just saying that their faces often have no expression. Suzuka also shows emotion and does express them openly; like anger and sadistic smiles.

Skills: Being a Prodigy, she is able to use any ice-based technique; providing she has the chakra, skill and materials to perform it.

The technique she developed and uses the most is her original jutsu: Kamen no Waza: Kori no Ningyo [Art of Masks: Ice Puppets]. This utilizes her ability to control ice as well as her talent for making masks. She creates the mask (it being her hobby) whenever she has free time and seals them in her scrolls. She bases her designs on creatures from Japanese Myth [the masks above: the brown one is the 'Hannya'- jealous women turned into demons, and the other one is the 'Kuchisake-onna (the story is in the author's comments here---> [link])] . She then seals her creations into scrolls she categorized into 2: the lesser creatures and the greater creatures.

She often use the lesser creatures since this requires less chakra and lesser amount of water than the greater creatures. Also, with lesser creatures, she is able to summon more than one while with the greater creatures she can only summon one. Her 'puppets' don't require chakra strings (they're similar to Deidara's clay creations).

The chakra she uses up depends on how powerful the 'puppet' is and how big it is.

She also has commands since her creations are only good for one attack (unless she adds more chakra to make it attack more than once): 1) Attack- where they attack physically, 2) Disperse- where the creation serves as a smoke bomb; but instead of smoke, it's cold mist (the area it covers and the amount of time it stays depends on the size of creature summoned). 3) Crystallize- where the creation latches onto an enemy and freezes them 4) Explode- where the 'puppet' explodes into sharp icicles that dart everywhere 5) Freeze- where the 'puppet' explodes and releases freezing air that can freeze anyone in close proximity (the area depends on how big the 'puppet' is. And 6) Track- this technique is a combination of Suzuka's jutsu and her teammate's tracking jutsu; so it isn't solely hers.

Though it took her years to improve this jutsu, there are some major set-backs. One is that she needs water, and the amount depends on how big the 'puppet' she's summoning is (the problem is she doesn't know any water jutsus, so she relies on her friends if there's no source nearby). Second, her 'puppets' are like bombs; they only attack once and the 'puppet' melts back into water leaving the mask only a mask. If she wants it to attack more than once, she'll have to apply more chakra than usual. Third; even though summoning the mask takes less than a second, the time the 'puppet' forms takes quite a while, making her vulnerable to enemy attacks. Fourth, the 'puppet' can be destroyed just by breaking the mask on the 'puppet'.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Despite being a skilled ninja, Suzuka is unable to last very long in a direct combat. She may be adept in ninjutsu and slightly good with genjutsu, but she is rather lacking in the category of taijutsu. Suzuka's skills are more fit with setting traps, diversion, surprise attacks and infiltration. So in battle, though against her wishes, she is often support, with her back (and front) being protected while sending her 'puppets' out to fight for her. Also, since her jutsus are ice-based, she needs water (or some form of liquid) to perfom these jutsus.
Oh god, that was long! Eeep! Sorry 'bout that. I ranted again. I'm still editing her so that she doesn't become a mary-sue. That's why I'm putting up conditions for her technique. Erm... sorry for the vague explanation... it's rather hard to explain her jutsu...

I inked this traditionally but there were a lot of mistakes so I had to resort to a different way to colour in photoshop elements to cover up the mistakes.

Please tell me what you think... I need to know what to change or what to improve on.

Naruto doesn't belong to me.

Suzuka is mine.
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