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Item: RPG & Resource Book
Produced By: Guardians of Order, 1999
Origin: Printed in Canada
Purchase Price: ~$1
Purchased From: personal sale
Size: 200 pages

This is a really cool book. It's got a lot of in-depth information about the dub, full summaries for the first two seasons, an introduction to role playing, and helpful information about character creation. There's in depth information on each canon senshi (including the Starlights) and the villains up to Death Phantom. It even talks about how senshi are only female but suggests that if you want to play a male character you should take a tip from the Starlights and change gender when you transform!

There's some maps of the area in Japan where Sailormoon takes place as well as a super detailed timeline from the anime. It also encourages the creation of OCs and AU plots!

The back has 82 episode summaries and a list of Naoko's other works and release dates. There's a section about mythology and some tips about Japanese writing and speaking. There is a glossary of some Japanese terms and a section about name puns and meanings. They also list the Japanese attack equivalents, as well as all the cardians and droids.

The back of the book lists usenet groups as well as some web sites including SOS, Hitoshi Doi, The Sailor Senshi Page (with the old xoom URL), and a few others.

There's a lot in here I haven't read but it seems really interesting. It's a book I'm really happy to own.
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