Claire Season One Cover Picture

****NOTE!!!!!I do have some Dridders in my story that have the ability to steal the life force of their victims rather then using venom to liquify their prey from the inside out. The main reason is that I feel its originally too much of a graphic concept to illustrate. I'll purpose an official idea in the Felarya Forum soon I think.. through I don't like arguing and one of things that really IRKS me is when people tell me what I CANT do in my story/comics. >: [ *****

Ok so I tried improving my facial expressions/features in this cover, I am pleased with some of the results.

****Note- The Comics will not be released in a chronological order for the most part, this is to keep the reader in suspense, I also might have a poll for what parts of each Season you guys want to see***

Season 1- Deals with Claire as a child being trained by humans and how she grows up and becomes the Dridder Queen.

Season 2- Claire accepts a challenge from a powerful group of Nagas that keep attacking the Dridder Forest. Claire must travel up to northern Felarya to face an ancient Naga who wants revenge for being imprisoned by Claire's mother. Through her journey, she encounters a Naga named, Bell. They eventually become friends and through their hardships and adventures, Claire makes peace with her hatred towards Nagas and now fights for a very different reason.


Season 3- Claire secretly invests in a very popular restaurant in Negav and puts the Seekers of Sineria in charge of it to gather information about Negav's interests towards Felarya. The Seekers have gathered information that Negav wants to expand to the south into the Dridder Forest and some how knows about Claire. Claire decides to setup a way to confront the Ps'isol Magiocrats, but little does she know shes falling into a trap and confronts the Maiden of Curses (Lady Lesona Sister!) who wants to use a powerful curse to use Claire as a weapon for the Ps'isol Magiocrat council! (Season 3 also fills in all the loop holes in the previous two seasons.
Season One Characters- (small description on some characters that are new/need some explaining)

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Hephaestus (Gramps), The Legendary Dridder Blacksmith- (Character Page: Under construction: Owned by
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