Sea Bear Picture

*thinks about a certain spongebob episode....ANTI SEA-BEAR CIRCLE!!!*

*ahem* this looks pretty Alaskan, don't you think? Not that theres anything wrong with that....Alaska is one of the coolest places in the world (pun not intended) and I hope to someday visit there....before I die preferably...

Soooo, it's a bear-critter with a long tail, which I decided to draw because I was remembering a native american legend of how bears ended up with short tails because (if I remember correctly, because we read this in school in the 1st grade) ummm, the bear used to use his tail to fish, but a certain fish bit his tail off and all bears since have had short tails (if I remember correctly that is)
Also, since I'm reading Clan of the Cave-Bear right now (which is an AWESOME book), I decided that I wanted this bear to have markings on him, because I was thinking about Ursus the cave-bear who is Mog-ur's totem. He has a striped tail since bears and raccoons are closely related.

so far, no place in my world, but he has potential as a mythological figure in the Westworld.

Funny story time! Okay, so this bear was sitting by a river getting really impatient waiting for the salmon to start swimming upstream, but got fed up waiting and said "Ah, to hell with it! I'm going to the sea and catching them myself" *grumbles*

Prismas, crayolas and coloured chalk.
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