Monster Boys Series I [CLOSED] Picture

"So made a poll.
And It seems Monster Boys are popular bur I could be wrong right?
Anyways, Apologies to my Points Buyers but I need the funds asap.
So Strictly Money. To be fair. It will be Point Blank Starting Bid. Good luck!

Starting Bid: None! Point Blank $$ Bids! Start off the bid with whatever amount and it goes up from there.
Increments Increase: Should be more than current bid. [ E.G If CB is 4$ then. increase to 5$ or 4.5o $ etc etc.]
Auto Buy:35 $
*AB will receive Swatches,Fully Colored head-shot and 6 Black/White Expressions Chart
*Winner gets the Adopt+Fully Colored head-shot.

Click here if Interested. Commission PricesHi,I am Sera and welcome to my commission ID journal.[Updated Prices!]
How to Commission me:
Easy. Just note me. or message me on my DA page if you wanna ask questions or keep it unofficial if you are not sure of picking me for your commission.
How you pay when commissioning me or buying adopts from me:
OPTION 1: Paypal
Simple. We agree on what you want done (and I give the run-down of prices.) I'll note my email and once I get the money(full/half payment.) you will be on the list.
Note: One must have a Paypal account for this I think? I don't do Snail Mail.
OPTION 2: Point
There are two ways of paying here:
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