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The Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 13: Verses 1 & 4
And I saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads, the names of blasphemy. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?"

(The inspiration for this bad boys design)

Waygin, the Hell Raiser

Height: 183 meters
Length: 340 meters
Mass: 150,000 metric tons

Homeworld: Unknown, suspected to be Arceon

Quardant Activity: Megas Galaxy

Threat Level: Planetary, potentially Universal

Containment Procedure/Methods: Due to its mysterious appearance on the planet Arceon, the beast known only as Waygin has not been witnessed having any known weaknesses to be exploited and only limited success has been known to hinder its destructive path


Civilization is destined to fall. No matter what part of the Universe it nests in it always begins the same. Societies are built, wars are fought, creating with one hand and destroying with the other, in the belief that all futures are possible. Yet in every culture, there is a myth of the end of times, the destruction of the race and everything it strove for. Somewhere in every sentient being’s consciousness there is the awareness that all things must end. No beast in the known galaxies personified this better than Waygin.

To say that Waygin is just another monster would be a complete and utter understatement, for there is much more delved under his tyrannical glare. A raging spirit that appears to relish in the carnage he inflicts on those who harm him but also appears to be disgusted with himself once he has done so. He laughs at every attempt to quell his power yet howls with a pain and sorrow of a lost child as he does. Truly a beast of unbelievable proportions and motivation; Waygin seems to be nothing more than a walking rampage bent on destroying what has angered him so. This beast however is still a mystery to both science and the mythology of the planet it inhabits as neither has been able to explain his origin. The only conclusive evidence of where the beast might have originated from may be the place from which the creature was first encountered rising, the Mondoran Sea on the planet Arceon, not too long after the planet had begun to collapse on itself and finish its final act to its long and seemingly endless life cycle.

The planet Arceon was one of the first to be formed in the Universe. It had lived a bountiful life and had rotated around its sun for countless eons, watching life grow on its surface; witnessing creatures thrive, multiply and die only to observe new life take its place. However, after billions of years in rotation, the planet had finally begun to ebb from within and the day had finally come for the planet to die.

It first began with something as small as a shift in the planet’s temperature which fluxed in and out of its natural state globally becoming humid and hot where it was cold and vice versa causing massive shifts in the electromagnetic field of the planet. Plants and animals that could not withstand the distortion began to die out while others became confused and disoriented and many began to commit acts which were viewed as suicide. Soon enough volcanoes began to erupt, ice caps melted, storms and hurricanes became nearly unending, rivers began to dry up, and the sea slowly began to boil, cooking all things within it alive. However, as all this occurred the Arceons, the recent dominant species of the planet, largely ignored these catastrophic events as they were already preoccupied with what was essentially a “holy war” for the planet.

Arceon’s race was divided. Though of the same species two major religions had risen to power and each side was desperately convinced that theirs was the right one. At first the arguments were only verbal, with each side strongest governments and churches attempting to convey that the others way of life was wrong. But fanatics quickly began to form and terrorist assaults were being surmounted from each side and before long both sides began to take up arms against one another with each one calling in allies to aid them; all the while the planet began to make a turn to the worst. What made this plight almost unbearable to witness was that both sides had begun using their planet’s own cries of its impending end as a means to fuel their crusades. Despite all this it was extremely ironic to know that both religions spoke of the day when similar events such as the ones arising now would occur and that in the end the planet itself would swallow up both sides of the war in a blazing inferno that no one would be able to escape. It was through these events and others that a dark figure emerged that desired to swallow the Aceons and their planet.

Both sides of the war front had come to a boiling point and each was determined to see the other destroyed. A massive assault was forged by both sides within the Mondoran Sea (the only sea point connecting the countries) and as the waves crashed alongside their ships and the storms and hurricanes continued, the two sides thought nothing more than destroying the other. However it was at this moment that a giant explosion came skyward and something hit the water such force that both sides armada were nearly destroyed. Though utterly spellbound by the catastrophe, both sides attempted to surmount their assault with what little forces they had left. But as they once again began their attack a towering figure came crashing out of the water and began to annihilate both fronts in mere seconds. What meager few able to make it back to shore were left completely traumatized by the events and could only mutter gibberish of the seven headed titan who had decimated their forces. It soon became apparent of what many of the soldiers had spoke of as the beast was slowly beginning to make itself known on land, destroying city after city until nothing was left then returning to the boiling seas from which it came, all the while the planet was continuing its path towards death and had already stopped its rotation around its sun.

It was at this moment that Angelus, sensing the overwhelming occurence of death on Arceon was drawn towards the dying planet. Coming upon its orbit she felt the spirit of the planet begin to slip away from this plane of existence and head towards the next. But she also felt the anguish of the inhabitants of the planet as well and was obstinate in helping them.

As Angelus and the Oddyseum began to make their way towards the planet, a strange crustacean-like being slowly drifted above, to witness the first natural destruction of a planet and a monstrosity whose power knew no limits.

- Impervious to all forms of weaponry and attack
- Spits magma-like blasts from mouths
- Powerful mouth in chest can bite with crushing force
- Each head represents a personification of the Apocalypse
Right to left:
- Powerful arms can lift foes with relative ease
- Able to fire “APOCALYPSE BEAM” from mouth on chest

Main Storyline - Armageddon: The Awakening of Waygin

Coming Soon.........

Here is the full information for this giant bastard of a monster (and not to mention his actual name) Waygin. This guy is by far my favorite villian for the series mainly because of how bad ass he looks, though I have to say their are diffenetly some others that are rivaling this guy in sheer awesomeness but their hush hush for now.

Anyway lets get on to the concept of this guy, if you read the description (and really why the hell didn't you) this guy is based off the Beast from the book of Revelation in the bible. Now before anyone says anything, yes I do realize that the creature mentioned in the verses is a seven headed leopard or whatever but that concept seemed tremendously boring to me so I decided to completely ignore that concept and go loosely on the seven heads thing, though the rest of the verse does give you some idea of the story.

Speaking of which, this one may be somewhat confusing. It has alot going on in it with a planet dieing, civilization in a complete holy war and then out of nowhere a giant monster may or may not of come from the sky just to cause even more destruction all the while Angelus (she is still the main character after all) comes to planet just to attempt to help the poor people of the planet, though whether or not they want her help is still up in the air. So if you get the feeling of "that doesn't make any sense," please let me know. Other than that enjoy.
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