Stheno Duahli Picture

This is my fantroll snake lady aha ! The original design and description came from calallini !
Name: Stheno Duahli
Trolltag: glibSwindler (GS)
Strife Specibus: ringkind (it can turn into a round blade she fights with)
Quirk: Quirk: ]--< Types with a flicking snake tongue, occasionally ssuffers from an obnoxiouss hiss.
Lusus: Medusa
Likes: Electric music, mythology, psychology, calligraphy, reading
Dislikes: Tangled 'hair', Being dragged to places, falling for a trick, being called weak

Stheno can turn people into stone. She avoids that by wearing shades. She would only take them off if completely necessary. Stheno's hair is controlled by her, she makes it move and stuff but there is no venom whatsoever. Stheno is a tough, independent and assertive woman, don't mess with her !

Stheno Duahli©
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