Unfinished TF Art Picture

This is another unfinished piece I hope to get back to soon, as I was writing a fanfic to go with it.

Instead of being a "real" TF/GoBots crossover, however, it actually is a re-imagining of the GoBots mythology WITHIN the Armada/Energon/Cybertron continuity (Dreamwave's Armada/Energon, anyway) - Leader-1 is the Minicon character from Armada, only reformatted as a jet for the purposes of a mission that is basically supposed to be his redemption story. In fact, the main characters are all "repaints" of Scout-class (or similiar sized) figures - I had to use "Energon" Arcee for Scooter, as there were no other decent Scout-class bikes fitting the character's personality. This is that same fanfic that Ariel Prime would have figured into, and I've got some lineart I need to ink yet of a bad guy who's a re-mold of Classics Megatron (and would also be very familiar to fans of Marvel UK's G1 continuity). I also thought about bringing back the Guardian Command Center as a non-sentient repaint of G1 Sky Lynx, and the Renegade ship Thruster reincarnated as a black re-deco of Omega Supreme, but I haven't got that far yet.

The actual GoBots of the title refer to the little Playskool buggers you see pictured there, who figure very prominently into the story, and the G2 character Gobots shares a connection to them - that's his likeness carved into the rock behind the three heroes. Much of the action takes place in the innermost parts of the Speed Planet away from the tracks.

I really need to learn to focus these days...
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