Riders of Sindri Sketches Picture

Yet another concept I have been kicking around lately (honestly, I dont think you people see half of them lol).

The concept involves people in present day given stones with runes on them (under the title) that allow them to travel to a fantasy realm known as Sindri (in Norse mythology, it is the resting place of good people who die in Ragnorok) where time passes differently (1 hour there can amount to less than a minute in our realm) and various mythical creatures exist. Each character eventually encounters thier mount which they form symbiotic relationships with (down to a biological level) and possibly fully merge with for short periods, if a certain level is reached.

The runes allow people to open portals and travel back and forth between realms. But they can't take thier mounts with them (unless they unlock the ability to fully merge). The story involves prophecies and training and the like. Heres three of the creatures that populate the universe:

Fylgja: In Norse mythology a Fylgja is an animal that often appears to you before death and escorts you to the afterlife. My version here is a mix between a dragon and a beetle. It's wings are made of pure magical energry. It has visible muscles, and bioluminecent points on it's black body. It is the mount of the villian. Breathes a "aether breath".

Dahaka: A dragon king from Persian mythology. My interpretation here is sort of a cross between a tyrannosaur and the grim reaper. But like it's mythological base it has 3 heads, 2 of which are on it's shoulders. The Dahaka has large flaps of black skin that mimic a cloak. Has sin based powers.

Dragon: Mount of the main character (were you really expecting something else? lol). I Based this dragon off a mixture of Norse, European, and Asiatic dragon traits. Has a serpentine body, ox like horns, gills, and a unique wing structure. Breathes a rare white fire.
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