Hebe the Fox. Picture

... little green underwears. c:

Hebe's name is pronounced HEE-bee.

also, no, she's not a rape victim or anything. she is a a slave to the heir of McAndrew, so basically she cleans and scrubs and plants crops and weeds and and sows and other house and farmwork, and she is given very little to wear.
her hands and other parts are bandaged from cleaning the furnise and fireplace, and getting burned.

okay, so this is a revamp, rename, and recharacter of this girl: [link] who was supposed to be Oyeshi's daughter Venus, but then the place was taken by character more similar to her parents. I still wanted her to have a name from Greek mythology, so Hebe she becomes. Hebe is the Goddess of Youth.

art + character [c] ~EnioscimentalCat 2011
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