Adventure Time OC Picture

This is my main OC for Adventure Time. You will probably either love her or she'll drive you completely insane. XD

Name: Pam "Pamdora" Sunshine
Age: 8 and a half
Race: Sunshine Fairies
Title: Princess of Sunflower
Height/Weight: 3'6" (rather "big" for girls her race and age) / 44 lbs
Special Gift: "Never-Ending Luck" (blessed with this when she was born, so nothing mortally fatal can ever happen to her)
Likes: collecting sunglasses, cute things, adventures, warm things, SUNFLOWERS, sparkles, and freshly baked bread
Dislikes: cold weather, darkness, sitting still, cloudy days, being treated like a "kid"
Main Personality Traits: over confident, hyper, over emotional

Pam is the youngest daughter of 16, all girls except for her younger brother. Thus, she is 15th in line for the throne (her eldest sister, Atheca, is the current Queen). As such, Pam will forever be a Princess. When she is 18 years old she will be the "ruler" of a small neighborhood in the Sunshine Kingdom called Sunflower, where all the sunflowers in the world are made (population of 12 and 1 sq mile in size). She takes this very seriously so as part of her personal "training" she has become an adventurer. She has decided once she travels to everywhere in the world, she will then be "worthy" to take the place as Princess of Sunflower. XD Everyone in her kingdom knows about her "special gift" except her, so they allow her to do this as she pleases (though she has been advised not to say she is a princess to people outside the kingdom out of fear she could be kidnapped and held for ransom). Because it's impossible for her to "adventure" for more than a day without getting homesick, and her only transportation is walking, she never gets very far, which is another reason why no one worries. (spoiler note: though, assume she somehow made a friend that can teleport to far away places that her family didn't know about?)

She was named by her mother, who found the name in an "ancient text" (an old textbook on greek mythology that has a picture of a sun on the cover, so they think it's actually sacred to their people) that was "decoded" by the royal librarian (only, he screwed up so all the names are one or two letters off, but no one knows that). The librarian was lazy and didn't finish the translation so he just told everyone "pamdora" is an ancient word for "sunflower" and everyone believes him.

Pam frequently disappears to go on adventures in the surrounding kingdoms. She fights with a mallet that is too big to fit in her bag but somehow does (magic bag or magic hammer? you decide). In her bag she also has a "sun stick" (which is the equivalent to a flashlight in her kingdom), her thicker jacket, leggings, pink boots, a pink scarf (all for in case she goes somewhere cold), a small bottle of sweet smelling soap, and a box of her favorite crackers.

She wears a thick panda jacket because she is very warm and gets cold anywhere outside of her kingdom. The reason it is a panda jacket is because when she was a little girl she met a storyteller who traveled to "a faraway land" who told her that there is a great hero there who wears a white hat with bear ears. He blew the "legend" out of proportion so she believes he must be the greatest, strongest, most powerful adventurer and warrior in the universe, thus she wears the panda jacket as a way of idolizing him. : P

Pam believes if she ever meets the great hero in the legend, she must bring him back to her kingdom... so he can marry her older sister and be her S.T.F.A.M.B.C.A.G.A. (super totally freakingly amazing mind-blowingly cool awesome great awesome) older brother who will go on adventures with her. XD
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