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Jack Frost has officially been finished! I finally painted him with coffee and finished the writing on the page. Here's the original>>>[link]

Because the print is so small I'll type what it says:
Starting from left to right...
"Jokul wore a glistening belt to which a small, opaque crystal bottle was strung. In it was a curious liquid. When asked he explained it was a mystical potion whose properties would change whosever drinks it will change into a frosty being such as himself. He further explained the potion may only been given to his one true love, a woman who is able to see him (for not all can. It is an ability bestowed on those with true hearts.) and has the courage to leave the mortal world behind."

"The liquid inside this elegant bottle contained magical properties and oddly enough was sparkling black, not blue."

"His breath was terribly cold. Snowflakes danced in the air when he breathed."

"I came across this being one crisp Saturday morning. I was strolling through a layer of freshly fallen snow, the first of the season, when I felt a cold hand tug at the tip of my nose. A young slender man appeared in front of me. He called himself Jokul Frosti, a frosty being of Norse mythology."

"Jokul's eyes were mischievous, icy blue and drew one into their frigid depths. Looking into his eyes was disconcerting. Instead of my reflection, a city danced in his pupils. White, sparkling pillars spiraled up into the clouds and one would see snowflakes gently falling to the ground. I learned the image I was seeing was his home and origin Jötunheimr, a land of ice and snow where glittering creatures walked."

"His feet were bare and unaffected by the frigid air."

I saw Rise of the Guardians a while back when I first drewthis...twas my inspiration for this in fact. Jack Frost holds a special place in my heart. He's a lovely childhood memory back when things were all fun and no work!

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