Earth: Here Be Dragons Picture

The dragon is quite possibly the single most universal mythical creature.

This is obviously a map of Earth. Some liberties were taken with both geography and biology to make these creatures fit.
Each dragon is in the location it comes from - that is, the Chinese dragon is in China (and some other places), the Egyptian Winged Serpent is in Egypt and northern Africa, etc.

The dragons are as follows:
Piasa (North America)
Quetzelcoatl (South America - even though the best Feathered Serpents are from Mexico - close enough for this purpose!)
Kikituk (Greenland)
European Dragon (mainland Europe and UK)
Egyptian Winged Serpent or Wadjet (north Africa)
Aido-Hwedo or Rainbow Serpent (south Africa)
another Rainbow Serpent (Australia)
Tiamat/Tiamat's Child (central Asia)
Makara (India)
Chinese dragon (eastern Asia)
Japanese dragon (Japan)
Zmey Gorynych (Russia)

This image has been stitched together and cleaned up a bit in photoshop.
It was drawn with pen and a thick sharpie, colored with colored pencils, and the texture in the background achieved by rubbing the pencil coloring vigorously with a paper towel.
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