The First Born Picture

From primordial Chaos, the first being born into the universe is Eros. Eros is not the god of love - that is Aphrodite's domain - he is the most ancient god of desire, of sexual intercourse, of lust. While Aphrodite presides over love in women, Eros holds dominion over male sexuality. His statues adorn gymnasiums and other places where men meet.

Later this god is brought down to the level of human understanding, morphing into the son of Aphrodite who mischievously aids her in her meddling with human hearts. His quiver holds arrows tipped with lead - which cause indifference, and arrows tipped with gold, which cause desire. Once he fell prey to one of his own arrows, falling in love with a mortal woman Psyche (soul), who eventually becomes his companion.

Eros is the god that all other gods fear - for he can capriciously make them fall in love with whomever he choses.

The Romans call him Cupid, or Amor. He is diminished at the coming of Christianity into an infant cherub grinning benignly from Valentine's Day Cards, his ancient majesty forgotten by all but a few.

In this painting we see the homoerotic god at his birth, beautiful and mischievous, bring rainbow hues to what was once dark and featureless chaos. His wings form the heart, as do the rubies that adorn his harness, bracelets and anklets. His bow is unerring and he has a golden arrow pointed at your heart.

The beautiful model of this painting is my friend Kevin - who also appears as the twins in "Farewell Atlantis." You can check his groovy gallery at this [link]

The wings, chosen for their heart-shape, comes from Unholy Stock. Check their stock out at this [link]

Lest you think I have diminished Eros' erotic power - check back on Valentine's day when his robes are swept away to reveal what dangles beneath.
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