MCA: Rei Picture

Name: Rei
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 00"
Weight: 98lbs
Orientation: Straight

Dorm: Pearl

Skill: Her rabbit can turn in to a scythe, but only for 10 minutes and only twice a day. If humans hear her singing they fall asleep. She knows a little about healing and is learning more about it each day.

-Sweet foods
-Stuffed rabbits
-Dark places
-Sharp objects.

-People who are mean to her
-All colors except for the color blue
-Using her scythe

Personality: She's shy towards new people and is very clumsy. She doesn't like to talk about her broken horn. Once you get to know her she might start giving you threats depending on how good of a relationship she has with you. Rei warms up to people quickly, especially when the other is drunk since she refuses to drink. She can be quite lazy and doesn't get out of her bed unless she really has to.

History: Rei's parents were not Monochromatic demons but they loved her very much. Her grandparents didn't approve of her being different though. Every time her parents would leave the house her grandparents would end up abusing her. The abusing got so bad that she went blind in the eye that is covered and her parents decided it would be best if she was in a place with other people like her.

Additional Info:
-She's very lonely but doesn't do anything about it
-She just wears bandages for fun.
-She freaks out whenever someone pokes her sides (she wiggles around like a weirdo )
-Spends most of her time in her room doing nothing
-She named her stuffed rabbit Kou

-Swim Class
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