Mother of the Dead Picture

I was unhappy with my previous version of Hel, so I made an adult version. A little better, I think.

Hel is the goddess of death in Norse mythology. She lives in, well, Hel.
She is the daughter of Loki, and due to being thrown into the realm of the dead, walks hunched over.
In some versions, one half of her body is that of a living woman, the other half that of a dead woman.
Other variations is one half pale white, one half dark blue, and one half young, one half old.
Some (rather disturbing) tales mention her being "intimate" with the dead as they arrive in her domain.

While honourable warriors went to Valhalla, everyone else went to Hel, a dark cold, foul smelling place place with walls woven out of spines. Her dish is called Hunger, her knife is Famine, and her maid is the "Lazy-Walker" Ganglati, and her bed is, naturally, the Sickbead. Homely.

And of course there is the dragon Nidhoggr. I'll be getting to him soon enough.

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