the dragon of plant Picture

Yggdrasil is the name of the Norse mythologic tree of life, the legend was that Nidhogg was a dragon that was gnawing at it's roots trying to destroy the ballance of life. If fact, Yggdrassyl was a dragon it's self. Demoni Was summoning a huge dragon fromt he ground and as he was Degra tried to stop him, He used the Tree of Life as a weapon and sent it hurtling twords the beast, Demoni couldn't stop it as the tree was infused to the dragon's back. This huge dragon is the whole reason that the War of the dragons near the end of the world takes place, Most of them are trying to claim the power fromt he tree for themselves, so the huge and ever moving Yggdrasil continues to travel the land trying to escape from the dragons and constantly fighting back. A swarm of huge bees has even created a nest in the roots of the tree. Yggdrasil's only partners in this war are Harmony and Tiamat. It is usually known only as the Tree since it burries it's self in the ground to sleep and hide. It does in fact though try to get the tree from it's back.
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