HW: DARDO Picture

REAL NAME: Diana Restrepo.
ACTUAL OCCUPATION: Wildriders member (Warrior) .
BIRTH PLACE: Cartago, Memphis City, Fobos.
PRINCIPAL ENEMIES: Setis, The Darkdemons.
AFFILIATION GROUP: Wildriders (Black Spade Team).
HEIGHT: 1.61 m/ 5'4"
AGE: 15.
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Dark brown.
EYES: Blue.
RACE: Andromeda (human/elf hybrid)
SKIN: Caucasian.
STRENGTH: Atletic.
SPEED: Atletic.
AGILITY: Atletic.
REFLEXES: Atletic.
COMBAT ABILITIES: Excellent hand to hand fighter, great knowledge in all kind of ninja weaponary.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She has a vast knowledge about Egyptian Culture.
SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES: In her right hand, Dardo can absorbs the sunlight in order to shoot energy darts that explodes in contact with any target, she also can control the trajectory of these darts in order to hunt down successfully their targets; In her left hand, she can create solid energy daggers with the same solar energy.
POWER SOURCE: A mystical ability taught and inherited by her clan.
PERSONAL WEAPONS: A pair of daggers, explosive and sleeping darts, (she uses these weapons when her solar energy is down). She also carries an near indestructible shield.
PROFILE: Diana Restrepo originally was a member of a rare clan that is based in the egyptian culture and ancient rituals. In that clan, they discovered in an ancient prophecy about Seth, the evil god in the egyptian mythology, that says Seth is going to rule the Andromeda Solar System after the great Andromeda War and turn the pacific Fobos world in a complete Caos, so she was sent to destroy Seth, but she discovered Seth has reborn in the evil Darkdemons leader known as Setis, so she joined the Wildriders team in order to fulfill her mission.
Artist note: this character is based and dedicated to
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