:: Odin Memories :: Picture

For my love, because I love him so. <3

I know a lot of things are wrong/way off/weird looking. But just shut up and keep the bad comments to yourself, and enjoy it.

Ok so, now that I'm done with what I wanted to tell you, lets get this over with...
The place they are in is Odin Temple,(The mantle/pole, whatever you call it thingy they are up against is supposed to give it away) from Ragnarok Online,(I know its a thing from Norse mythology too, just shut up.) hence them being RO characters, lol.

Hmm... What else... Oh, the hair I did a bad job on but I was in a hurry, lol. It looks good enough to satisfy me so there. Woah, I just noticed I forgot to draw something in. XD But I'm not telling you what it is, you'll have to just hurt your brain for the rest of your life trying to figure out what it is, buahaha.

And uh... I think thats all...


Drawn on Card stock and shaded with mechanical pencil,
Border added + edited a bunch of things on it on Photoshop CS2.

Background brushes by Angeles + Papersweets
Ezan (c) Me
Grimmjow (c) My love <3
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