Kuwa Tribe - Bathing Pool Picture

No specific class shown in this image, these are some freshwater springs that the tribe use to bathe in or cool down in on hot summer days. The water comes from a couple of large hills/small mountains in the center of the island. The water is a mixture of rain run-off and that from a spring inside the hills themselves. The water collected for drinking is collected further up the stream, while below the waterfalls is where the tribe likes to bathe

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The Kuwa tribe are an all-female tribe living on a deserted tropical island. The girls have no knowledge of outside civilization and live in their own world of rules, society and rituals that have been performed for generations on this island. They have their own language, writing system and mythology.

The tribe all have tanned skin, plump lips and bright, red eyes. Some have dark hair while others have red hair that match their eyes. The tribal girls also have markings that are applied from a paste made from local fruits. These markings show the person's class within the society, but are also customized every day depending on any events in the village, or what mood the girls are in that morning.

The tribal girls have many "classes" which help show their place in the village and in turn, the tribal society.

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