Young Justice: Psyren Bio Picture

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Strength: 3 /10
Speed: 4 /10
Agility: 3 /10
Intelligence: 6 /10

Secret ID: Genevieve Simon
Meaning: “White wave”, “it is heard”
Superhero Alias: Psyren
Meaning/Reason: play on words with “Psychic”, and the bird-women of mythology that would lure men to their death with their enchanting song (she lures them or fools them with enchanting memories)
Nickname(s): Psy, Gena, G., Simon, Space Case (by Jenna)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: ½ English, ¼ Spanish, ¼ German
Birthplace: Fort Lewis, WA
Places Lived: Quantico, RI, Charlston, SC
Current Residence: Central City
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthday: September 27
Zodiac: Libra
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: strait stringy hair that doesn’t have any volume, so she cuts it so it lays close to her head and neck
Physical Description: Previously a soccer player she is used to running. She’s thin because she runs so much but she has strong legs. She doesn’t have particularly strong arms. She’s tan because she spends most of her time outside running with a gang. Well conditioned because of kickboxing and running around.

Good Traits: She’s a good strategist (she’s far more clever than her report cards say she is), she’s loyal to her friends, loves to help people (especially smaller kids. This always outshines her cowardice), creative, normally doesn’t lose concentration under stress
Bad Traits: Easily persuaded and somewhat of a pushover, bit of a coward (she’s afraid of confrontation), can be rude with out intending to be so by being so blunt, ungraceful (she falls a lot and has banged up knees), mildly paranoid (she thinks strangers and judging her as a freak)
Good Habits: She helps bullied kids at the park, She acts as the conscience for her gang, She gives what she steals to families in the projects (especially the family of a little girl, Marisol), thinks things through before acting
Bad Habits: She steals and tags, avoids her family, never makes curfew, runs away from confrontation, likes to be secluded
Weird Habits: When she is home she stays in her dark rooms watching movies or sleeping, chews on straws, gets distracted by rain, naps constantly, likes cooking but hates eating, zones out a lot
Hobbies: Playing video games, running, kickboxing, creative writing
Fears: Thunderstorms (damaging ones), machines (like attack robots), prejudice, strangers, mind games
Favorite Food: grilled chicken and rice
Favorite Drink: Iced Tea
Favorite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Scarlet Letter
Favorite Song: Angels on the Moon- Thriving Ivory
Favorite Band/Singer: Train, Thriving Ivory
Favorite Time of Year: Summer
Best Subject(s): English, Military/ War History (She’s awful at the rest of history)
Worst Subject(s): Chemistry, general histories, philosophy

Mentor: Black Canary
Mother: Alicia Simon- her mother is a nice enough woman, but raising two young twins on her own is hard so she hasn’t given Gena the attention she needs or deserves.
Father: Sgt. Alexander Simon- stationed in Iraq, it was his idea to get Gena into Kickboxing when she was 12. She’s got a much better relationship with her father than her mother
Siblings: Younger twins- Ian & Lily. Super rowdy, tiny people. Age 4
Other Significant Relatives: n/a
Closest Friends: Jenna Niels (after meet YJ team: Kaldur, Wally West)
Enemies: Officer Wood, Eventually Boulder, the Light
Boy/Girlfriend: n/a
Crush: Kid Flash/Wally West
Past Relationships: Boulder (Peter Kaden)

Power(s): Memory Modification & Psyconic Blasts
Gena’s limited to implanting or removing memories, causing head pain/migraines (debilitating pain, but not permanent) by overloading the head with pressure and knocking adversaries unconscious (this takes all her concentration so she’s limited in the availability to use this).
Can also produce short force fields with her psyconic blasts that can reduce the hit of an attack by no more than 25%.
Power Perks: Makes stealth much easier when guards are distracted by their own conscious which eliminates suspicion of foul play.
Can wipe memories of someone seeing her which helps her avoid physical conflict and pursuit. She can get away with almost anything.
Power Limits: **She's morally conflicted about using her abilities.** Every time she messes with someone’s memories she gets terrible nightmares involving that person’s memories.
If using her abilities too much in small amount of time she can have migraines that last days.
The force fields can only last through one attack and are only useful when she’s only concentrating on her defense.
She’s been knocked out a few times and been in a coma once from recoil of her blasts.
She can only remove memories of scenarios that involve her.
She can only add memories related to recent memories fresh in the subjects mind (She can't delve deeper than 6 months into one subconscious.)
Her powers are useless to those with telepathy or anyone that can sense her invasion.
She's not telepathic. (But she is susceptible to it)
Weapon(s): none
Style: Kick boxing (for close combat), mental warfare, stealth.
Despite her powers she doesn’t like to cause people mental pain or any long term damage. She uses her abilities to implant good memories in their head because she finds that far more successful in distracting adversaries than bad ones.
Strengths: strategy, covert surveillance, recon, diversionary technician, defense (She can distract guards or knock them out. She’s also a pretty good close combat fighter.)
Weaknesses: Anyone with telepathic powers, machines, people trying to get her to switch sides (people playing mind games), balance, general strength, her backside (she’s easily snuck up on because she has to put so much concentration into her abilities)

Gena is a military brat, born and raised, and has moved around a lot since she was born. She’s seen a lot of different places, not all very good. She’s kinda given up on trying to make friends because it seems every time she gets comfortable in a place her father’s orders change and she’s getting shipped somewhere else. Now that her father is in Iraq her family is staying put in Central City, close to Alicia’s parents.
Gena and her family discovered her powers around the age of 6, a time of rapid development for children. Oddly, Gena’s mind appeared to be developing far more rapidly than other kids her age (so she’s a mutant). On her first day of kindergarten, because of all the high energy children, Gena started hearing voices in her head, though she did not know it was her classmates. Gena’s parents thought it was schizophrenia, so she was treated and medicated. Gena hated the medication so at 12 she told her mother that she was no longer hearing the voices and started dumping her medication. Around the time puberty hits and she starts spending more time by herself she realizes that she can control these voices.
Her mother has her hands tied raising two 4 year olds. They’re not old enough to do anything themselves but old enough to be getting into everything. Gena spends most of her time away from her stressed filled house. When running around alleyways she meets Peter Kaden aka Boulder and he tells her that with her abilities she’ll be persecuted, and that he’ll look out for her. Unfortunately he’s not a saint. He helps her develop her powers (mostly for his own gain) and figure out what other abilities she has. After running with a bad crowd for a year Gena meets the Young Justice team and ever since they’ve been trying to change her ways, telling her that her powers can be used for good, and asking her to consider joining their team. She’s been battling with herself ever since, putting more space between her and Peter (which he does not like).
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