Lycaon Picture

This is a sketch/concept of my Cainverse OC Lycaon in his "super werewolf" form, a form that he alone is able to take on during a special Eclipse in which he ascends beyond a normal Werewolf's fully transformed state. (I still need to finalize and upload the different stages of transformation Werewolves in my Cainverse take on depending on the fullness of the moon).

Some info on Cainverse Werewolves:
"Werewolves originated from another planet much like our own, though on this planet "Wolves" evolved into the dominate life forms instead of primates (Though no where near the level of humans in terms of intelligence). Despite being quite similar to our own this world was a good deal harsher (Things like Climate, Temperatures and Gravity) resulting in its life forms having to evolve more durable in order to survive. Not only did these Super-Evolved Wolf-like animals need to evolve to survive the difficult conditions but also to defend themselves from the other predators which shared their world.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago in the time of early man a transport craft carrying dozens of different extraterrestrial life forms (One of which being one of the super evolved wolves) came to Earth (The purpose of which was to collect more specimens for intergalactic study) they managed to retrieve several Earth species but the "Wolf" they were transporting managed to escape and was subsequently left behind. The SuperWolf had little difficulty finding food as our planet's lifeforms could put up little fight against it, but during an encounter with one of our ancestors in which said ancestor managed to escape without being completely devoured (though bitten on the arm) a fusion happened within their body which resulted in the first Proto-Werewolf being created.

The Proto-Werewolves were much like those of today, the main difference being that due to being so close to the original, undiluted strain of the virus (and the fact that humans were so unevolved back then) once bitten they were unable to take on human forms again. This would last for several thousand years but over time the virus became diluted and the modern Werewolf started to take shape, Werewolves that were only able to take on beastly forms during the night and were forced into humanoid forms during the day.

Unlike Vampires who are infused with blood of demons, Werewolves are living creatures and are not actually immortal, though they are capable of living hundreds of years. Through history they have sometimes fought against Vampires over things like Territory but these days they generally tend to avoid each other or have signed treaties with them.

There are several ways to slay a Werewolf, such as silver which proves particularly fatal (This may have something to do with their extraterrestrial ancestors) as well as decapitation. As stated Werewolves take on the form of humans during the day, they are only able to transform at night and their power and form's appearance depends on the fullness of the moon.
At full moon Werewolves are able to take on their true, strongest forms.
Some of the powers Werewolves possess include Superhuman senses, Immense Physical strength/Agility and extremely durable pelts. They have access to regeneration but its strength depends on the last time they've fed."

Lycaon in an ancient Werewolf and leader of his own clan. There are those who claim that he is in fact the Lycaon from Greek Mythology who was formerly the king of Ancient Arcadia (who was transformed into a Wolf for angering Zeus) but that would place him at several thousand years old and no Werewolf has been recorded as being able to live that long. Others believe that he simply took the name out of his own arrogance and that he is more likely hundreds rather then thousands of years old. At any rate he is without a doubt one of the most powerful, feared member of his species that has ever existed.

Lycaon is the first "Big Bad" that Cain comes up against in my story, Cain first coming into contact with them while investigating a large disappearance of people in Los Angeles. He discovers this is due to the Werewolves kidnapping them for Lycaon, who needs to devour human hearts in order to fulfill a ritual which would allow him to ascend past the limits of normal Werewolf transformation during the upcoming eclipse.

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