Series: trans. "Break a Leg" Picture

Finished this about a month ago, but I didn't have a scanner until this week.
These are members of one of my 4 single-gender/hermaphrodite species supposedly from the moons of HD 28185b. Specifically, these are 2 handmaidens fussing over the king of the Oyikami ("oh-ye-KAH-mee")--the most abundant, militant (you wouldn't know by this picture), and traditionalist species, known for being equally at ease in this form and a beast form resembling the Seth creature of Egyptian mythology (see the dress). This scene is supposed to take place just before their debut on Earth ahead of their war with enemy aliens (over Earth). Their royal colors are demantoid green, black, white, and gold.
**Way more than you need to know alert:
The moral dilemma here is that the people of the HD 28185b system already did to Earth--on a small scale about 4000 years ago--what their enemies are trying to do to Earth on a large scale in the near future: colonize an inhabited planet, which is concurrently recognized among many species across this side of the galaxy as an act of war. The impending war brings up a lot of legal and moral issues that the people of HD 28185b have to reconcile with human pride.
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