Fan Experiment: 087 Hermes Picture

Hey everyone! It sure has been a while since I posted anything, huh? Here's my first piece of art after a three-month hiatus. And... it's a fan character.

*everyone groans*

I know, I know. Fan characters stink. XD But I've had this guy for a while, and had a lot of time to develop him over the years, sooooo... hopefully he's not TOO bad? XD Here's his bio on the off chance that someone happens to be interested.

Number: 087

Name: Hermes

Gender: Male

Primary Function: Message delivery

"One True Place": Working at the post office

Powers and Abilities:
-Relaying video messages using the screen on his belly
-Knowledge of foreign languages, including Dog! XD
-Super strength; he can lift up to 20x his own weight

Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, but makes an effort to be friendly if you approach him first. He's scared of pretty much everything and basically has a panic attack whenever the slightest thing goes awry. On top of this, his self-esteem is virtually non-existent. He consistently puts himself down and underestimates his own abilities. Hermes actually is pretty smart, but he's usually too busy freaking out to work through problems rationally. Most importantly, he's terrified of offending people and will do anything to stay on everyone's good side, even if it means lying or going against his own interests.

Bio: Back at Jumba's lab, Hermes's job was taking messages back and forth between Jumba and his business contacts. It wasn't a fun job--sometimes if Jumba received a particularly unpleasant message, he'd take his anger out on Hermes. Guess he never heard of the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger." XD After many months of this, Hermes developed a paralyzing fear of offending people. He vowed to do everything in his power to avoid it in the future.

Other Stuff:
-Hermes was named after the messenger god from Greek mythology.
-Back at the lab, Hermes used to drink coffee to energize himself before long flights. It's still one of his favorite drinks, but don't give him too much! Like Stitch, he'll bounce off the walls for hours after drinking coffee.
-He loves cars, roller coasters, and anything else that goes really fast!
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