KAS Bronton Picture

Name: Bronton
Faction(s): Rogue
Alignment: True Neutral
Kaiju Rank: 6

Height: 150 meters
Length: 300 meters
Weight: 80,000 tons

Fertile Skin: Bronton has a symbiotic relationship with plants. When hibernating, Bronton’s nutrient rich skin can house several plants. While his body provides the plants with some of their nutrients and water, the plants provide him with energy from the sun.
Thunder Beam: Bronton can spit bolts of lightning from his mouth.
True Omnivore: Bronton can eat almost anything – animal, vegetable, mineral, metal, etc.
Nigh Indestructable: Bronton’s hide is incredibly thick even by kaiju standards, and has almost no weak spots save for his eyes and the interior of his mouth.
Primitive Lizard Brain: Bronton’s brain is impervious to mind control as it is INCREDIBLY simple.

Big Appetite: Bronton is a massive kaiju, and needs a lot of food to stay active. If not kept well nourished, Bronton will go back into hibernation mode until he can find suitable food.
Slow: Bronton is slow moving and clumsy, being unable to walk faster than a crawl. He also has trouble turning around.
Primitive Lizard Brain: Bronton is as dumb as the dirt he so often sleeps in. His mind can think of little more than “eat food,” “sleep,” and “crush enemies.”

Personality: Bronton is a simple creature with simple goals. He wants to eat, sleep, and do little else. He is generally very amiable so long as he is well rested and well fed, ignoring most other creatures as it is unlikely they could do him any harm. When threatened, though, Bronton is a force of destruction as powerful and merciless as a tornado, destroying anything and everything near him until he feels he is once again free to eat as he pleases. While not adverse to friendship, Bronton doesn’t actively seek it, and rarely shows anything resembling loyalty or sympathy towards others.

History: As Tyrantis and the female tyrannosaur kaiju that would later be dubbed “Tyranta” continued their duel, they accidentally set fire to some of the surrounding foliage. The fire spread quickly to a rather oddly shaped hill, consuming all the trees and bushes in its path.
This made the hill stir and shift. Dirt fell off of the moving landmark as the trees dotting it caught fire. With a horrible bellow the hill shook off its burning residents, revealing itself to be a reptile of massive size. The mighty sauropod kaiju Bronton had been awakened.
Angry to have been so rudely disturbed, Bronton went into a furious rampage. The massive monster smashed the walls with his club tail and sent lightning bolts in every direction from his maw. He stamped the ground until everything was shaking loose – including some of the hollow’s support structures. Soon everything was shaking without the sauropod’s help – the hollow was collapsing!
As rocks fell and chunks of the ground fell down, all the residents of the Hollow began scrambling towards the exits. Tyranta and Tyrantis swiftly ended their fight, as the former was now filled with a fear altogether unknown to her. For the first time in her life, Tyranta was panicking.
Tyrantis grabbed her hand with his own, cooed softly, and ran towards the exit. Not knowing why, Tyranta decided to follow him. The two quickly ran through the Hollow, dodging obstacles left and right. At one point Tyranta almost slipped and fell into a crack within the Earth, only to once again feel Tyrantis pulling her to safety. At once she was awash with unknown feelings – she hadn’t needed help from others since she was a hatchling.
Halfway along their journey, the pair of tyrannosaurs were suddenly ambushed by Tricerak. The herbivore roared furiously and, ignoring the collapsing world around them, charged at his old nemesis once more. This time, however, it was Tyranta who stepped into save the day, knocking the triceratops into the path of a falling boulder. As the rock crashed onto Tricerak, the pair of theropods continued their escape.
As they reached the exit they met up with Bobo, Hydra, Dr. Lerna’s group, and the other members of the Tyrant Squad that had accompanied them to the Hollow in the first place. Then, to everyone’s astonishment, they all found Kemlasulla was waiting at the exit, holding it together with his tractor beam so the others could escape. Joined by the flock of Ozdactyls, the congregation of Spinonyxes, and even Bronton himself, they all left the hollow.
Tyrantis lingered behind with Kemlasulla as the others exited, glancing once more at the place he had once called home. As the ground continued to give way, he saw Tricerak struggling to make his way to safety. The horned reptile was crawling, too tired to truly run, and it was clear he wouldn’t make it in time. With reckless abandon the jade giant jumped back into the hollow and, grabbing his former foe’s neck in his jaws, helped pull Tricerak to the exit. Kemlasulla, showing a kind of valor hitherto unknown to him, continued to hold up the exit until they were out of the hollow, then helped Tyrantis carry Tricerak through the tunnel that led to the outside world.
The trio made it just in time, leaping out of the mountain just as it finally collapsed completely. Soon the once hollow mountain had turned into a massive valley.
Once the dust cleared, Tyrantis discovered that the Ozdactyls, Spinonyxes, and Bronton had all disappeared, apparently running far from their old home the minute they had reached the surface. That suited him just fine. Tricerak grunted at him, then set out on his own as well.
Finally, Tyranta confronted him. Tyrantis cooed softly, too exhausted to continue their fight. Tyranta snorted, turned around, looked at him one last time, then left as well. That was okay with him – he’d win her over eventually.
The Tyrant Squad left the remains of the hollow to have more adventures. The repercussions of their trip there, however, would be felt for months to come. Soon flocks of Ozdactyls were being sighted all across North America. The Spinonyxes took up residence in the Mississippi River. Tricerak continued to graze in Montanna, and Tyranta was sighted every now and then fighting various other monsters. Bronton himself had resumed his hibernation in the Rocky Mountains.
Meanwhile, a bizarre mist spread over the deep, crater-like valley that had once been Tyrantis’s earth hollow… and strange creatures were sighted within it every now and then…
Important Dates: October 4 – 16, 20X0: Dr. Lerna heads a second expedition into Tyrantis's Earth Hollow, accompanied by the Tyrant Squad. The expedition reveals several new species of kaiju, including a family of wasps and several more prehistoric inhabitants. Ozdactyls, Spinonyxes, Tricerak, Bronton, and Tyranta are all included in this discovery. Upon awakening Bronton accidentally destroys the hollow's support structures, causing it to collapse. Most of its inhabitants escape in the ensuing destruction, releasing an entire ecosystem of kaiju into Montana.


And hey, Bronton's here! Huzzah! Yet another monster I felt I had to bring in if I was doing a storyline based on Tyrantis's Lost World style home. He didn't really change much in the transition from SAOM to KAS - but he didn't need to.

Other kaiju I considered bringing in for this storyline but ultimately decided not to, saving them for a later date instead: Ahul, Metringar, and Dunkleora. They'll get their due later.

Next from my side of KAS: mythological creatures!
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