Mahabharata : an Indian Epic Picture

I wanted to sketch some mythological characters with some features from my Animation classmates. After along time I have sat for 6-7hours only for penciling and then 4hours for inking.

Here you can see... Lord Krishna with his brother Balrama, with Pandavas(Yudhistra, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sehdev)

Lord Krishna in the centre standing, with the slimy look. Because he knew what will happen in the great battle MAHABHARATA.

Balrama was his brother who was very strong and brave.

Yudhishtra in the centre below. He was the eldest of all. You can see him in yogasana. I have made him floating in the air. As people say that in Mahabharata, he never lies, because of that he used to walk the above the ground.

Bhim with a small sword. His built was "larger than life" in Mahabharata

Arjun with arrow pointing, who was the best archer in Mahabharata

Nakul and Sehdev were the youngest of them. Nakul with a big long spear and Sehdev with a bow and tattoo on his back.

Color Version will be coming up soon.. keep checking the place.


PS: I dint do any research before starting on this. And there has been few probs with the anatomy. So pls pardon me
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