Fun With Older Illustrations Picture

The amazing hints and lessons that I have gotten from my artists friends and acquaintances these last few years have been a massive help. Especially when you look at the ignorant state that I was in between the years 1999-through-2009.

Although I still have a soft spot for many of the older illustrations featured in this collage, all were done with inferior means and through equally weak execution. Including not rendering them at a professional printing size of 300-DPI (3400 pixels in height), and me NOT saving the original Photoshop files, and only as scaled down JPEGs.

So these pictures are more-or-less lost, though I could easily re-do or update any of them if push ever came to shove. The related characters, on the other hand, are all still with me in some form or other, and here's a quick rundown of who's who.

Starting from the Top Row, Left-To-Right, and Working Our Way Downwards


"Scruffy the Pirate Girl" (2007)

Some random pirate woman of whom I made for no particular reason, outside that of simple eye-candy. Maybe Scruffy hunts sea serpents for a living or something? The name Scruffy however does reflect her battle scars, and here is a daytime and nighttime version of the same piece. Admittedly, the latter version does comes off like a 'day-for-night' scene from some 1970's B-movie.

My, it's very BLUE out tonight, isn't it?

"TV Head Boss Man" (2008)

An insane television producer from Earth, transformed into an equally insane cyborg villain thanks to some aliens who totally lacked hindsight and common sense.

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