CephaloMon Picture

Squidward's digimon form [CephaloMon] from my SpongeBob fanfic bata preview, The Ancient Guardian Of The Sea. His digital form was Inspired by the mythological sea monster, The Kraken, as well as The Leviathan. Squid's digital name was going to be LeviaMon, but then I had to change it since there was a digimon call LeviaMon. So Squidward's name is now CephaloMon. CephaloMon is close to 80-feet tall!
Here are a list of CephaloMon's Attacks: I'm listing this cause I'm thinking of writing the battle that takes place between SeadraMon & CephaloMon........
CephaloMon's Attacks.......
Acid Ink.
Acid Breath.
Poison Smoke.
Electric Fence
Electric Tentacles
SeaQuake [Bellowing Roar]
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