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A pony chooses, a slave obeys.
After reflecting on a particularly interesting Garden Party at Canterlot Castle, Fancy Pants decides to leave Canterlot and it's rather appalling higher class residents. He never liked to think of it that way, classes and what not. While he himself was viewed as one of the elites, he never saw himself as one. Only as a pony who made it off well who didn't mind spending time with folks who hadn't. This was one of the reasons he founded Olympia, the other was for similar, yet entirely different, reasons.

While he admired the princesses and respected their judgement, he felt that they were holding society back, keeping them from moving forward. The princesses have been around for millennia, and things seemed to have not changed in that millennia. Yes they have airships now, he owns one himself, and electricity, but there are still thatched roofs, wood and stone buildings. You'd think after all that time they would have implemented a better building code and upgraded the infrastructure to include more durable materials. This was just the tip of the complaint iceberg he had been making since that party.

Since implementing change over a whole nation would be slow to see, even slower when bureaucracy got involved, he requested that the princesses allow him to make a new city. They accepted his request once he explained that the goal of the city would be to promote private enterprises, though he left out the part about freedom to research and create. They gave him the locations of suitable places to settle one of which he chose, a nice flatland on the western coast. Since this was on the boarder of Equestria, they had the Captain of the royal guards, Shining Armor, and one of his best squads to escort him and his team there. At which point he would be put in command since it was his idea to go there.

While he would indeed settle there, that is not where he was going to build his city. It would be built somewhere west of that, and about 1,000 meters down. As a proxy, Twilight Sparkle, one of the ponies he had met the night that changed his life, was sent to report on their progress. During her stay, Fancy Pants told her of his plan, not in whole but enough to get her on his side. With Twilight heading R&D, and Shining and his guards under his command, progress quickened.

He had convinced Twilight that building an offshore research station was needed to further their progress, but unbenounced to her and everyone else, this would be the first stone laid on the road to Olympia.
I chose Fancy Pants to personify Andrew Ryan since they both seemed to have somethings common: wealth, power, ambition and not being consumed by them, at least at first.

PS: I chose to call the city Olympia since MLP has Greek mythology in it, like Tartarus and Cerberus.

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