Like old times.... Picture

I took this photo at the 2007 Fort Birdger Rendezvous--at the end of the day as I was leaving. I had to edit out all of the modern campers and some times I feel ashamed to be born mostly of the white race...especially when I watch movies like Dances With Wolves, or the series Into the West, among others like them. It sickens me how we disgraced such an ideal culture...people often talk of "Utopia" and "Utopian" type societies, but we eradicated those that were as close as I could imagine a Utopian lifestyle being...the white kind is like a locust in my mind, we rove about an depleat our own food supply and livelihoods, as well as any other species in our path, then rove onward to the next place of abundance...we force religion on those who cannot understand, nor do they want to live by those restrictions or codes of ethics... at least at first...I would hope that in modern times that most people are able to choose what they want to believe in--America is a good place for that, but the sacrifices other cultures made to be integrated into OUR "ways" is maddening.

In a few hundred years time we eradicated and lost a lot of fascinating and ancient lore, mythology, and stories of old--that LIKE the bible explained the unexplainable, taught moral lessons and had dieties to worship, and animals to emulate--I guess I am sort of rambling now, and things are changing to more open mindedness--but America has become the forefront of change...but we don't lead by example...and like many hypocritcal missionaries (as I have met MANY) we impose values, ideals and methods on other's way(s) of life, and like the parent who smokes pot and drinks heavily, for the life of us we can't figure out why these other countries follow our poor example, rather than listen to out hypocritical ramblings!
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