DCM: Tube Top Picture

✦ Name: Tube Top Trinket
✦ Nickame: "Tube Toppa", "TT's"
✦ Gender: Female
✦ Age: 10 years old
✦ Height: 4''7
✦ Fallen Sin: Envy/Pride
✦ Weapon: Fireman's Axe "Cody"
✦ Personality: [Bright] [Excitable] [Affectionate] [Impulsive] [Sassy]

✦ History:

Tube Top was born to a stripper and one of her frequent clients in a small club in the Red Light District. Raised in a begrudgingly optimistic family of her mother and her fellow wanton women, she found that life may not have dealt her the cards that she might have wanted, but she would make the best of it. Despite the money that her mother made off of stripping, the club's shady dealings with some dishonest people ended up in her often having to pay for a lot of debts behind Tube Top's back and rendering her unable to get a proper beginning education. So, her mother and "sisters" taught her as much as they could possibly in their free time, to where despite being horrible at math and science, Tube Top became very interested in fantasy, mythology, and reading manga that one of her sisters collected under the table. Living in the volatile environment of the club, Tube Top never really knew the state of her living was 'unsafe' per say, as it seemed like the only way she was meant to live. Meanwhile, her mother was saving up to get them a better apartment, send Tube Top to a better school, and possibly to get them out of their growing tumultuous situation.

One packed night, Tube Top's mother was performing and she was watching her from backstage when an electrical malfunction set the club on fire. In the ensuing panic, Tube Top and her mother were killed when her mother went back to save her. Contrary to what she had believed, they both were sent to heaven. Her already religious mother gave up her profession to become a cleric and devote herself to god, and send Tube Top to school to learn how to be a proper angel and finally be with other children. But Tube Top didn't really feel comfortable in school.

With her lack of interaction with other children in life, she found herself feeling out of place amongst the pure angel children. She couldn't connect with the other kids and honestly found herself often envying how perfect they all seemed compared to herself. She missed her sisters and found it weird that the others kids didn't have anything fun to talk about that she really understood. It was worsened by the fact that she hadn't gone to any kind of developmental program that allowed her to interact with other children. Whenever she tried to talk with them or make friends, she would scare other kids off with her crudeness and sometimes brash, too open personality. She often wondered why other girls weren't very fond of her and boys were too shy around her or were put off by her jokes, which made her insecure about the way she acted. No one called her cute nicknames or would give her things. Coupled by her mom being quieter and more moral thanks to her new busy position, Tube Top began to feel lonely and out of place to the point that she decided to overcompensate by being even louder, stirring up rumors and trouble, and hyping herself up so she could find some sense of place in herself, at least.

She began to pride herself on her vanity, doing up her hair in bright colors and wearing colorful makeup. It got the attention of other kids, so she took advantage of it. In order to make friends, Tube Top started telling stories of the various goings on in the club where she grew up and built her reputation up with other kids as someone who supposedly knew everything about all of the naughty things humanity had to offer - even though she'd barely known the whole truth to anything and just made things up as she went at times - including how to pick up men. She tried to prove how great she was at this by attempting to solicit older boys from the school. When her mother caught wind of her antics, she was so ashamed that she asked for Tube Top to get a second chance somehow, maybe to be placed with people who would keep her in line in an environment she knows.

✦ Extra:
Transformation Theme: "Grammy" - Purity Ring
- Her favorite foods are carrots and tacos for no particular reason.
- She has a Bostonian accent.
- Due to the fact that she takes off her top, she wears little different shaped pasties to stay modest.
- Currently lives with her half-brother, who takes care of her and is in charge of keeping her in school.
- She is really fond of manga and anime, and cosplays regularly as a creative outlet.
- Absolutely HATES winter because it requires her to bundle up.
- She has a huge older person crush on Bolero.

Pesterchum: "diminutiveDollface"

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