APH: Yugra Picture

Oh man, haven't uploaded anything during January. Only last year leftovers. But here I found the will to finish a sketch.

Yugra! She's the Ugric to the Papa Chud's Finnic. She was very much different from her brother. She was a whole lot smaller than him and had eyes more of the Asian type. She was basically blond asian looking. But it's mostly because she later in her life mixed with the migrating Mongolo-Tatars. So her last kids, Mansi and Khanty, inherited the slanted eyes and small height. Thought Hungary left home before her mother started changing. I was going for the 'mama, I ran away, cause you were badshit insane' kinda reason for Hungary's migration. I mean, really. Just of all of a sudden, a part of Yugra splits and with great speed migrates to southern Europe.
I can't say that Yugra was insane, but all the mythological, ritual and abnormal things that I heard of the place, makes me suggest so.
Unlike her brother, she didn't have a hypnotizing voice and singing skills, that made all living things come to her. No. She had a voice that could kill if she screamed, or made all living things find solace in suicide.
She was rich with furs and valuable metals, along with Great Perm, she made great success in trading.
Along with worshipping bears, she also liked black foxes and all water-swimming birds. For they could live on water, earth and in the sky. Also she had an idol called 'Golden Woman', her temple was hidden somewhere in the mountains.

By this day strange things keep happening near Komi and Mansi territories. UFO's, black Yeti like monsters, people ignite spontaneously and other strange deaths that occurred near mountains and hills. The most strange part of these deaths was that all injuries were inflicted inside of the body, but outside people didn't even have a scratch on them.

Russia. You're a cursed land.

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