Liespa Channa (REVAMP) Picture

Your name is LIESPA CHANNA and you just turned 7 SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. You, personally, are amazed that you've managed to survive for SEVEN WHOLE SWEEPS. WOAH.

You have a variety of interests. Some of them include FLARPing with your MORAIL, ROBOTICS, and JUST PLAIN OUT ANNOYING PEOPLE WITH YOUR SUPPOSED 'STUPIDITY'. Heh, joke's on them!

You're actually pretty INQUISITIVE and SMART. Especially with ROBOTICS. You even made your ROBOTIC LEG yourself after a VERY UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT WITH SOME SEADWELLERS when you were only 6 SWEEPS! You prefer not to talk to it due to your very, very large PHOBIA of seadwellers. You SCREAM AND CRY LIKE A LITTLE WRIGGLER at the sight of them. Pansy.

Your trolltag is asinineArtisian and you (thpeak in a way that -really- ackthenthuateth your true thpeaking patternth.)> :B And if you played a certain game, your mythological role would be that of a ROUGE OF MIND, roaming around in the LAND OF THOUGHT AND BRIDGES.

I revamped Liespa ENTIRELY. HEH. She uses Wrenchkind to fight and that other outfit it the outfit she wears to visit her morail! (Since Moneta lives in a chilly place for reasons you'll find out when I post her. vov)

Liespa is also mistaken for being a male alot due to her physique and short hair... But she doesn't mind being referred to as a 'he' or a 'him' at all.

Liespa, Art (c) Me
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