Hunting Picture

cheers, it is done.

also: hah! you did not see that coming, did you?

well, this was the "big" secret, it is a robot in disguise, so to speak. and for those who are new to this; it is also a train, as can be seen here [link]

anywhoozles, the design is roughly based on a praying mantis, i had some trouble getting a cabin to look good while transformed, and shunned the though of having to blatantly drop things off while transforming, so that is why the train looks somewhat odd in certain places.

also, everything works, by which i mean, that there is no clipping in train form, no clipping during the transforming and it has a reasonable range of motion as i tried to illustrate above. also, almost every joint is actuated, meaning that theres about 1500 moving parts involved.

As for the name, Orias, i found it on the intarweb in an index of demons from various mythologies. Orias sounded good, and the fact that the demon Orias is known to help with transformations (not kidding) seemed fitting.

before someone asks; i would personally love to make a movie out of its transformation process, but i'm afraid i lack the time and skill to pull it off.

might also have overdone the blurring a bit, ah well, more to come in a while, i'm taking a break now.

click download to see the details in the 1680x1050 version. (i like to render using my monitors resolution, since there aren't much backgrounds available for said resolution)

p.s. and for ~Eightshot a wire-mesh shot of the pic [link]
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