My Sweet Persephone Picture

They have taken her from me. Sweet Persephone. I am absent of anger, yet already missing that which I do not own. She is frail and young, and has far too much to learn. I feel I am doomed to watch her grow and prosper while I wither away beneath, reaching empty hands heavenward to brush if only the hem of her robes. Sweet Persephone; sweet, sweet girl.
She made me feel a warmth I have never felt; a comfort I have never seen nor experienced. I was content before to bask in my absence and misery. It was a cold but safe place for me, but now - I have tasted such sweet poison as that of a smile, a laugh, and a light I have never known. I want to possess it, keep it, and protect it. Nothing shall harm her as long as I am watching. Nothing shall touch her virgin skin.
Persephone, may I watch you from afar, in your blissful agony, and await the day you will be mine again, if only for a moment.

-"Part 1: Hades and Persephone"


Old art from 2011

My concept of Hades started back in 2009 after I had this crazy vivid dream about him. The version I draw now isn't much different from the badass fella in my dream (he had gray wings that melted away like wet cement or something idk my brain does weird things) but it certainly inspired a tragic love story after I did an illustration of Perspephone and Hades to celebrate my dream lol.

I wrote some weird, short "journal" type entries from Hades' perspective. Apparently my version of him is this depressing, poetic, solemn guy who doesn't really know how to express any of his thoughts other than frowny skull face. Anyways, in my personal conception of the greek mythology legend Perspephone first is brought to his realm as a young girl, and stays for six months, then leaves, and repeats this process for a few seasons until she gets wholly upset and he tells her she does not have to come back. She doesn't come back for many years, and Hades is sad (boohoo) but then decides on her own to return at age 15 and he's like wowow you look really pretty but I'm still saaadd because it's depressing here in my gray kingdom

I just might post the few journal entries I wrote in whole, just because I doubt they'll ever get shared otherwise.
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