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Hello there. It's me, Black Wolf Dio, and I'm here to give a little explanation on the all-female Ninja fox race. With me now is my lovely assistant and, NOT girlfriend, Jyu. Respectfully, her name is "Kyuubi Jyu"...while in human form, she goes by "Buru Jyu". Anyway, she's a cute 7-tailed ranked fox from her village and quite the underdog. Now, I'll explain a few things about the Kyubi Ninja Village. Jyu...transform.


A : This is easily mistaken as the "baby" but it's far and between. This is the "one-tail" rank. During this time, they're trained to learn their practices and master their next step when they reach their second tail. Jyu...


B : After mastering how to use their ki, their next step is "molding". In this step (after they obtain their second tail), the Kyubi learns how to use their ki to mold their bodies into a more anthropomorphic form. Becoming bipedal. Keep in mind, that the kyubi are feral foxes and still uphold to their Folklore and Mythology.


C : As I said earlier, Jyu is a 7-tail Ranked fox in her village. A kyubi trains to become a 9 tail rank and is put to the challenge to be the next Kyubi Grand Master Kunoichi. There are two grand masters and that was Kyubi Meiirya and the current is Kyubi Nina. All "mature" Kyubi average in height up to 6'3" to 6'9" tall. I've seen all the Kyubi in their hidden village and they have their own unique style of placing their tails around their bodies but they must have one base tail. Jyu...


D : Well, well, well...this is a human transformation disguise. The Kyubi learn this technique after they achieve their 6 Tail Rank. Since humans are still out there that hunt down these mythical foxes, they don this appearance to blend in. I still say the whiskers make them look cute. Average height is between 5'3" to 5'7" tall as a human. Another note, because this is another form of them controlling their Ki. The fox ninja must have at least 2 of their tails out in their human appearance. Coincidentally, the foxes like to put their tails into their hair. In turn, making their hair longer.

Jyu: -slight blush- "Dio-san..."

Dio: "Called it like I see it. Next..."


E : This is just a change in design as my story progress. I say Jyu..I dig the bandana but you definitely abandoned the cute, kung fu/ school girl, shaolin monk thing. But that's further in the story. -cheesey grin-


F : This is how the Kyubi really look if they grew up naturally into their nine tails. Their size max out to 50 ft in height. During their ninja training, they've developed a seal to keep them in their anthro or human appearance. They break that seal if they want to go into their beast form. Since it takes a while for the seal to form back up, they lose their ability to speak and communicate in barks, woofs, etc.

Dio: And that's all. Thank you very much, Jyu. You've been a great help for those interested in the all-female Kyubi Ninja foxes.

Jyu: Not at all, Dio-san.

Dio: Jyu, how are you talking to me?

Jyu: Hm? I thought we were out of character?

Dio: We were? Nevermind...we'll just roll with it.

Kyubi Jyu (c)
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