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Meanwhile Fox, Krystal, Fara, Fiana and Buns arrives at the Nietherhenge. They find themselves inside a stone formation with stone arches, some broken, with glowing runes. A nighttime sky with millions of stars can be seen and what looks like a golden perch stands in the middle. The party looks at the surroundings with wonder.

"Wow," says Fiana. "This is like a different variation of Stonehenge."

"I'll say," says Fox. "I've never seen star formation like this".

"I wonder that those runes symbolize?" asks Fara. "The place must've endured centuries of wear to be like this."

"Yes, but despite that, the runes are still glowing," says Krystal. "Even the ones on the broken arches."

"That perch in the middle of this place," says Buns. "Is that where we would meet the Phoenix?"

"It must be according to the mythology from Earth," says Fox. "The Phoenix was a legendary bird that would engulf itself in flames and from the ashes a new Phoenix would be born."

"Sounds like a interesting version of immortality," says Fara.

"Something glowing is haiding this way," says Buns.

"That must be the Phoenix," says Krystal. "Get ready for its test, Buns."

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